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Shipment terms, required documents and processes of exporting countries may differ. Therefore, our users should check up on the terms of the country they are exporting to if they are going to export a shipment.
It is free for companies sending platform shipments. There is a technology usage fee for transporters, for the jobs they get on the platform. You can contact ASNAK to learn about transporter company pricing.
Iphone 5 ve üstü tüm iOS işletim sistemli akıllı telefonlar için Appstore’dan indirebilirsiniz.
Partial Shipment is transportation of lesser than the trucks capacity or smaller loads than a regular load. Transporter companies can assign more than one load to their drivers in this transportation type, which is named "LTL". Vehicle capacity and status is assigned from the system automatically. Thanks to this feature, our users can use the spaces in their vehicles the most advantageous way possible. Route and Shipment planning can be made easily with our Artificial Intelligence supported infrastructure.
You can find a transporter for your shipments by bidding. You and your shareholders can monitor the current location of the load 24/7 digitally and you can get instant notifications from loading to drop point.
Thanks to our customizable infrastructure, Shipper and Transporter companies can define their own shipment processes into the system. This feature is only available to our Enterprise users.
The offers cannot be canceled in "auctions" as it makes sense in the logic behind "auction". On the other hand, if the bid is using "Sealed Bid Method", you can cancel your offer until the end of the bid. It is not possible to cancel the offers made by choosing the "Buy Now" method.
Using our support mechanisms and analytics tools we developed for Shippers and Transporters: you can boost your productivity with optimum planning, process digitalization and mobility and you can get professional support any time you want.
You can browse in and benefit from our support service 24/7 instantly with the application designed by professional designers bearing in mind the usage of carriers.
You can contact our support line 24/7 via phone, e-mail or support request instantly. Drivers, on the other hand, can report the problems they encounter by using the "Report Opinion/Problem" tab in mobile application. As ASNAK, we are always standing by our users to solve every problem they encounter.


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