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What is ASNAK?

ASNAK provides a reliable transportation experience by bringing primary roadway, seaway and airway logistic companies together.

Manage Your Shipment Processes the Most Profitable Way

With ASNAK, you can get offers for your spot loads from over 50 companies in minutes. You can decrease the logistic costs significantly just by choosing the most profitable offer.

You can access all the offers from a single screen and manage your transactions from your desktop or mobile devices.

Domestic / International
Roadway / Seaway / Airway
Partial / Whole Transportation

Get the Most Competitive Prices

You can get the most competitive prices from ASNAK verified companies and transport your loads in minutes. You can choose the most profitable offer among other offers for your shipment.

You can decrease your logistic costs up to 15% by managing your shipment processes with ASNAK* %15

*Calculated on our present users target prices and average bid values.


Monitor the Shipment Process Continuously

With the infrastructure we provide for your road, sea and air shipments, it is possible to monitor your loads reliably and transparently. In addition to this, you can receive the freight bills and required documents digitally.

You can share the current status of shipment with all the shareholders at any time by sharing Shipment Tracking Number with them.

Manage Your Reverse Logistic Processes

With ASNAK, you can manage your reverse logistic processes like Pallet and Container Collection and Product Return end to end and increase your productivity.

You can manage Pallet Collection Notifications on just one screen and when pallet amount is suitable, you can create a bid. You can perform your reverse logistic processes profitably and effortlessly by choosing the best offer.


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