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What is ASNAK?

ASNAK is an online platform, which brings you together with verified logistics companies and serves your logistics needs as an end to end solution. With our free to use platform you can get offers for your transportation requests and choose the most profitable offer to decrease your logistic costs by up to 15% . You can see the most competitive prices on a single screen and constantly manage your transactions from your desktop and mobile devices. With ASNAK Support Team, you can get support for problems and malfunctions you encounter in logistic processes, so that you can get your shipments transported safely and quickly.

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Get the best prices on a single platform in minutes.

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You can get more than one offer for your road, sea or air shipments on a single platform and achieve the best prices by ASNAK verified companies in minues. You can monitor the shipment continuously and transparently to have control of the process management end-to-end.

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Who is it for?

Thanks to its customizable infrastructure, our platform can be used in road, sea and air transportation. It is designed to meet the needs of small, mid-tier and large companies, that can use ASNAK for their domestic and international shipments.

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User Comments


I can manage all my shipments on a single platform. Domestic, abroad, roadway, seaway, partial, whole... I can get offers from ASNAK and transport my shipment. I am looking forward to air and railway options.

Anıl Suçsuzer
Petkim Petrokimya Holding A.Ş

It was a port that we were going to ship for the first time, I entered shipment information and in about 2 hours, i had prices from various different companies. It's a wonderful experience. You don't need to follow everything, ask questions or be in correspondence with anyone. This impressed me the most.

Mazlum Kılıcı
Atlas Trafo

I tried ASNAK for my partial load. I saw that the price requests are directed to the best companies in market. Frankly, it was a relief to get prices from the source directly without any mediators.

Emre Kutlu
Breda International

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